Getting Live Push Notifications for your FIFA World Cup Match

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You can subscribe to Live match push notifications by hitting the bell icon. Plus, you can subscribe to individual teams’ alerts under the notification menu. Scores of these FIFA World Cup Soccer matches will also show live stats and win probability graphs.

A simple, “how to,” guide to get all your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match notifications.

If users want to follow individual matches but don’t want to search every time for updates they can pin scores to the home screen. To do that, they can tap the “Star” option in the score pane for an ongoing upcoming match. Notably, these features are available for other tournaments and sports as well.

Watch the below video to see how to select a team to get in game notifications of their progress at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Follow this link to get your notifications (note this is only available in your mobile device):

Important Notes to ensure you get your notifications:

  • Select Men’s football in the top left corner toggle to select the correct team
  • Search for the country name of the team that you are looking for.
FIFA World Cup match live score notification
FIFA World Cup 2022 Match Notifications

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