Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s first Saudi home with 17 rooms and costing £250k a month: The place where Cristiano Ronaldo will stay for the first month of his time at Al-Nassr has come to light, with the superstar set to experience the highest luxury


Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia and caused a real sensation there! And today we’ll tell you in what conditions the Portuguese lives, about his great mission and other unknown details of his stay in the new country! Be sure to subscribe to Asian Khel, because we look at football from a different angle. And don’t forget about the share this article with your friends on Facebook. Let’s get started!

Cristiano Ronaldo New Life in Saudi Arabia

You’ve probably already heard that Cristiano Ronaldo will earn a whopping $200 million during his one-year stay in Saudi Arabia, but that’s not all you need to know about the Portuguese’s unique contract. But first things first.

Since Cristiano has not been in the new country for too long, he hasn’t purchased his own house. Currently, he and his family live in a luxury hotel in the centre of the capital, Riyadh. We’ll remind you that Al Nassr is also based in this city.

Ronaldo arrived in Arabia on a private jet with a large entourage and even a private security company. That’s interesting because the country also provided an escort for the Portuguese, but he still added a personal bodyguard to his motorcade.

It should be noted that a truly royal reception was organized for him. It couldn’t have been otherwise: the press, fans, flowers, children in Al Nassr t-shirts and so on.

Cristiano Ronaldo Unique Contract with AI Nassr

The 2.5 year contract and 500 million dollars, which Cristiano signed, not only makes it the biggest in the history of sports. Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the Portuguese will continue until 2030.

“He took on important advertising contracts, attending events for the promotion of Saudi Arabia and assuming the image of that candidacy for the organization of the World Cup that they seek for 2030 or 2034,” Marca reports.

That is, Cristiano also takes on a promotional mission. His task will be to popularize the Middle Eastern country and help it win the right to host one of the future World Cups.

“I want to give a different vision of the country, of football, of the perspective of everybody. This is why I’m here and why I took this opportunity,” Ronaldo began to voice narratives that confirm Marca’s information at his first press conference already.

The terms of Cristiano’s contract include “a deluxe residence with all the amenities imaginable, not to mention the elite school where the children will study.” Hola magazine reports this information and clarifies that the club’s plan is to place the Portuguese’s children in an international private school, where a year of education per student costs about 23,000 dollars a year.

The Daily Mail even published a photo of the house where Ronaldo’s family will probably live. This is not even a house, but a whole palace, which Cristiano can buy for more than 12 million pounds. It’s built to protect people from the 50-degree heat that occurs in the country. A large area, a swimming pool, palm trees – everything you need for a comfortable stay.

In addition, Ronaldo will always have access to a private jet for flights to Spain or Portugal. It’s highly likely that Cristiano will be separated for the first time with his firstborn Cristiano Jr, who has returned to Real Madrid’s academy. There’s every reason to believe that the boy will want to develop his football career, so he’ll have to live apart from his family. And knowing how important family is for CR7, the news about a private jet for flights to Spain is not surprising at all.

The North American television channel even quoted a club source who, in an ironic tone, warned that they will become Cristiano FC.

“If the veteran forward wants a new coach, that’s what he will have,” they ventured to state to graph the power that the owner of five Balloons d’Or would have.

Indeed, we’ve already seen rumours in the press that Cristiano has offered the club to sign his long-time Real Madrid and Portugal teammate Pepe. Marca wrote about it. At the press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo decided not to hide that the contract he signed was not your ordinary football player’s contract.

“This contract is unique because I am a unique player, so it’s normal,” he stated.

Marсa also reported that CR7’s contract includes an option to join Newcastle in the summer if Eddie Howe’s side qualify for the Champions League at the end of this Premier League season. This is possible, because representatives of Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite own the Magpies, so technically both clubs are under the same institution.

And although Eddie Howe has already denied these rumours, he probably did so because he simply doesn’t need the Portuguese as a player.

Saudi Arabia Needs Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a necessity for the Saudis. At least, this is what their behaviour says. Above all, they want to develop the image of the country in the West, and the Portuguese is the perfect guide for this goal.


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