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Destination for Asian Khel fans around the globe. Here you will find exclusive Asian Khel content, news and more.

Asian Khel serves as a one-stop hub to cater the Asian Khel news at the fingertips with the prime aim— to be the first in delivering the news.

Asian Khel” is the world’s largest and fastest growing Asian Khel community and website delivering Asian Sports news, info, analysis and sporting joy to millions of people around the globe every single day. We provide the most engaging content with daily updates, news, analysis, interviews, videos, live chat shows etc. to our most dedicated and influential Asian Khel fans from around the world, all 20 Million of them.

Our cross-platform community includes our site, mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ShareChat, YouTube, and many other digital platforms.

Our website alone garners on average 1 Million page views each month. Our commitment to providing quality and creative content, in-depth analysis, interactive sessions with fans, sports journalists and Sports experts, ensures that the community grows and the reach multiplies every day. And most importantly, we bring the fans closer to their sporting heroes and give them a voice. More than 70 athletes including Cricketers and Sports personalities have given us the exclusive mandate to manage them on digital. We also work very closely with multiple brands and sporting bodies in creating and promoting relevant and viral campaigns.

Asian Khel” is your go-to source for all things Asian Sports.


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My name is PVee. My hobbies are playing cricket and learn about sports. I am alone owner of the site (AsianKhel.com) and content writer of my site. I started this site for helping you to the best content on the single window to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc…

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Our Website in the starting phase. You will see a lot of Change include more topic so you can more convenient with our website. If you face any problem regarding our Website (Asian Khel) please contact us.